Friends of South Asia

The Friends of South Asia supports the appreciation and awareness of South Asian arts through the ROM’s South Asian gallery and collection, by forging and maintaining links with all those who are curious about (or interested in) South Asian art and culture.

To promote learning about South Asia, we

  • Support the curator and the South Asia collection at the ROM
  • Support South Asian programming, including talks, tours, performances and special events
  • Provide a platform for educating the general public about the rich and diverse history of South Asian Arts

Through donations and fundraising, we have

  • Provided networking and fundraising for the creation of the South Asian Gallery, an endowed curatorship, as well as acquisitions and research
  • Conserved two, large,16th-century Tibetan paintings (thangkas)
  • Provided funds for hiring Interns to support curatorial research
  • Provided funds to underwrite the Kings of Punjab Exhibit
  • Provided a large map of South Asia for teaching purposes in a ROM classroom

We have also: conserved two, large,16th-century Tibetan paintings (thangkas); provided funds to underwrite 'Kings of Punjab' exhibit; and purchased a comprehensive map of South Asia for teaching purposes in the ROM classrooms

New Friends are welcome