Dr. Chen Shen

Hi! The Forbidden City is my 3rd blockbuster exhibition at the ROM in the last 12 years. Each time I work on one, I get more excited... even though I know how much hard work it is! I am excited that I get to introduce more historic figures to you, from the First Emperor of China, Qin Shihuangdi, to the Last Emperor, Puyi, over 2000 years of Chinese history. But the most exciting part of doing all these exhibitions, especially The Forbidden City, is that I get to go into the vaults of museums in China to choose special objects and unveil their secrets to all of you! For example, ever wonder what a young Chinese emperor played with in the Forbidden City? Come to the exhibition and I'll show you the secrets!

Chen Shen

Job Description: 

VP, Senior Curator (Bishop White Chair of East Asian Archaeology)


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