Free Main Floor

Enjoy Our Free Main Floor. While You Can.

ROM’s main floor is now free for everyone—but only until September 25.*  

Our Free Main Floor includes live performances, our suite of East Asian galleries, and Kore 670, a stunning statue of a maiden on loan from the Acropolis Museum in Athens. So, be sure to drop by before she goes. And the Free Main Floor does, too. 

Book your free ticket online or onsite today! 

Pop-Up Activity Stations
(Hours and activities may vary)

  • Discovery Zone: Explore a wide range of interactive discovery boxes that include puzzles, books, fossils, costumes and so much more
  • Discovery Cart and Tables: Get up close to specimens and objects as you use your senses to investigate and play
  • Staff Choice: Look out for staff who will be circulating the main floor with their favourite artifacts

Upcoming Performances

Emerging Jazz Artists 
Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery – Sept 22 & 25, 11 am - 3 pm
Join us for the Jazz Performance and Education Centre performing a range of traditional to contemporary jazz music.
Sept 22 - Jazz artists:  Taylor Maslin (saxophones), Ewen Farncombe (piano), Thomas Hainbuch (bass) and Keith Barstow (drums) 
Sept 25 - Jazz artists: James Griffith (saxophones), Jesse White (guitar), Chris Parnis (bass) and Keith Barstow (drums) 

Performances are presented by the Jazz Performance and Education Centre (JPEC), a non-profit charitable organization. 


Free Main Floor is made possible by the generous support of the Temerty Foundation. 
Activities and performances are g
enerously supported by The Schmidt Family.


*Does not include the exhibition Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature.