The Western Missionary


The Western Missionary'The Foreigner'



"Since my residence in China, my eyes and taste are grown a little Chinese."



About the Western Missionary

Jesuits arrived from Europe in the Ming dynasty, on a mission to convert the Chinese, beginning with the emperor himself, to Christianity. However, entering the Forbidden City was unheard of for a foreigner. Gifts of European sophistication were the keys to wooing the emperor, and clocks, glass mirrors, brocade in floral designs and images of Christ and the Madonna were regularly bestowed to gain access. So impressed were the emperors, that they invited the foreigners inside, where some became court artists and educators, instructing the Chinese on European techniques.  

Clocks were all the rage, and a particularly popular gift for Emperors Yongzheng, Qianlong and Empress Dowager Cixi. The young Emperor Guangxu would pass the time by rebuilding the inner workings of many of the Empress Dowager's clocks. The Palace Museum now houses more than 1,000 timekeeping masterpieces, one of the best collections in the world..

Within the Forbidden City

While some Jesuits were permitted to enter the Forbidden City, not all were allowed to live inside. Puyi's tutor, Reginald Flemming Johnston, had a residence in the Imperial Garden in the Inner Court.

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