Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano | Level 2B, Weston Exhibition Hall

June 13, 2015 to January 3, 2016

Almost 2,000 years ago in southern Italy, the volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted violently, with tremendous force and little warning.

Within 24 hours, the nearby ancient Roman city of Pompeii perished in a rain of hot ash, falling debris and clouds of poisonous gaseous blasts. Buried under metres of volcanic ash, the once-thriving city suddenly – and completely – vanished from sight.

Pompeii remained buried for almost 1,700 years until excavations began in 1748… and archaeologists uncovered a city frozen in time.

Over 200 objects excavated from the ancient site reveal the daily lives – public and private – of the people of Pompeii immediately prior to the great eruption, and the overwhelming toll paid by those who decided to stay.

Stunning gold and silver, exquisite mosaics and jewellery, uncannily preserved objects of everyday life, iconic body casts and more tell the story of Pompeii, its people, and its astonishing legacy – unique and remarkably preserved – an ancient city frozen in time.

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Comment by Pamela

Does that price (or $27.00 for adult) include admission to the rest of the museum? Looking forward to it!

Comment by Chris Woordward

I am so excited for this exhibit. Having thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Italy (during which I was blessed to see the ruins at Pompeii), I cannot wait to see how these objects are presented. With the release of Pompeii and cultural conceptions of the eruption itself, I am looking forward to this!

Comment by Lead Concierge

The Pompeii exhibition will have about 200 beautiful and interesting objects from Pompeii.  Gold jewellery, silver drinking cups, mosaics, numerous wall paintings and sculpture in bronze and marble etc.  It will be a splendid display of the treasures from a city buried and yet miraculouly preserved by the volcanic ash from Mt. Vesuvius.   The volcano story is a part of the exhibition but as I described above there are a lot of artifacts and works of art to see and enjoy.  Many thanks for your interest and please come to see the show which starts June 13, 2015.  You will not be disappointed!

Comment by Jennifer Bannon

I would like to see if this event could cater towards a client appreciation event for roughly 30 people, thank you.

Comment by Lead Concierge

Thanks for inquiring Jennifer.  Please contact our Group Sales Dept. at 416-586-5801 for information regarding client appreciation group visits.  Please note that Pompeii is an exhibition, not an event.

Comment by Lead Concierge
Yes, this show will definitely be student appropriate!  We are offering guided tours to Grades 4 through 8 as well as to high school and post-secondary students.  A 1-hour tour in the exhibition costs only $12 per person.  Self-guided access to the rest of the museum is included at no extra cost.
For more information on what we would do with students in the Pompeii exhibition please visit http://www.rom.on.ca/school_visits/index.php?route=product/product&path=2_27&product_id=691.
Comment by Steve N

I am excited for this. My wife is more so. Can you tell us a little more about the natire of the exhibit, and what will be on display?

A visual display of the event as it unfolded would be an amazing learning tool, too.

Comment by Kelly Ryan

Is this the same exhibit currently on display in Seattle, until May 2015? And, is this the same exhibit that was previously in Denver?

Comment by Rachel

How similar is this exhibit to 'Life and death - Pompeii and Herculaneum' that was in the British Museum, London, UK, in 2013? Would many of the pieces be the same? Thank you.

Comment by Nicole magson

Hello. Will the cast of the dog be on display? I ask because in 2005 it was on display at the museum of civilization in Ottawa and I was in Pompeii and thus didn't see it. I am returning to Pompeii this summer and would just die if it wasn't there but at the ROM. What are the odds??

Comment by Mary Shier

Where could I see the next exhibition of Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano?
Thanks for your help.