Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Level 3

March 2, 2012 to March 23, 2014


With General Admission, Adults $5, Students/Seniors $4 and Children 14 yrs and Under FREE

Centre Block, Level 3

Experience the beauty and power of our natural world as the ROM presents the North American premiere of Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  Coming from the Natural History Museum in London, Wildlife Photographer of the Year is now in its 49th year, and is one of the museum’s longest running exhibitions.  This internationally renowned photography competition celebrates nature and wildlife featuring 100 breathtaking photos selected from over 43,000 entries from around the world. 

Let Wildlife Photographer of the Year inspire you to share your wildlife photography! In concert with Media Partner Canadian Geographic, we encourage exhibition visitors to share their nature and wildlife photographs through social media. Simply tag your nature and wildlife photos with #ROMWPY on Twitter or Instagram for the chance to see your photos on display in the museum. Photos shared with the exhibition hashtag will be aggregated and displayed on multiple screens throughout the museum.

Don’t miss Wildlife Photographer of the Year, reserve your tickets today! ROM Members receive free admission, book Member tickets.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year is co-owned by
the Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide

Natural History Museum


Media Partner



#ROMWPY: Share Your Nature and Wildlife Photographs


Comment by Tara

Good Afternoon,

I know the Wildlife Photography exihibit opens on Nov. 23rd but can not see an end date. Can you tell me how long the exhibition will last?

Thank you.

Tara Harrington

Comment by Carla

What exactly is a "Specially Priced Exhibition"? Do ROM members have to pay extra to go see one?


Comment by admin

Members receive free admision to all exhibition and galleries, and can visit Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition for free as often as they wish. For regular musuem visitors there will be a small surcharge for this exhibition.

Comment by Stephanie

For visitors to the FNL event on November 22, what will the surcharge be to see this exhibition?

Comment by admin

Yes, Friday Night Live + Wildlife Photography of the Year tickets will be $15 student, $17 adult.  The will be for sale online soon, or you can upgrade you ticket at the exhibition entrance.

Comment by Daryl Gibson

Can you expand a little on the last part about sharing our photos? Is the hashtag used on Twitter or where? And where will the photos be displayed in the museum if displayed? How many do you expect to select, and who will do the selecting?
I am looking forward to the exhibition and have shared the information with all my photographer friends.
Thank you
Daryl Gibson

Comment by admin

You can share your nature and wildlife photographs using the hashtag #ROMWPY on Twitter or Instagram.  Posts will be aggregated and displayed on multiple screens through the museum.  We will moderating the submissions for photographs that meet the thematic content of the exhibition.

Thanks for sharing the project! 


Comment by Shelley Gluskin

I have recently become unable to walk for more than a short period of time and have a handicapped sticker from the government. Do you have walkers or wheelchairs available at the entrance door?

Comment by Lead Concierge

Yes, we have complimentary wheelchairs available from the coat check on a first come first served basis.  You will have to leave a piece of I.D. as a deposit.  Please note, there is no pushing service.

Comment by John

Looking forward to this wildlife photo exhibit. I have a fantastic landscape photo taken in parry sound, Ontario, is it too late to submit this photo?
We saw Jeane Becker this morning on BT and, we were wondering what method was used to illuminate the photos? Was duratrans paper used
Over an LED edge lit light box or full panel LED "gel" light.

Thank you!!

Comment by Beth

Can members come at any time to see this exhibit, or do they need to book a specific date/time in advance?

Comment by Lead Concierge

While Members are not required to reserve tickets, capacity is limited so ticket reservations are recommended for peak times and on weekends to ensure immediate access.  You can reserve tickets through the website, under the Membership section.

Comment by don

I understand these photographs are also available in a book. Can you tell me where and what is the price?

Comment by Lead Concierge

Although members do not have to pre-book tickets for this exhibition, we suggest you do during busy times, for example weekends and holiday periods.  You can reserve tickets online under the Join Us section.

Comment by James Barker

As a member and volunteer at the ROM, I frequently take the opportunity to see new exhibitions and make notes for my own use. Yesterday I toured the Wildlife Photo Exhibition. It’s truly spectacular! However visitors cannot access the gallery from the east door which is locked for controlled access purposes. Visitors therefore have to access it either via a convoluted route from the Crystal side through the AAAP, Egypt and Byzantium galleries or from the west elevator. I was dismayed to discover that there is absolutely no signage in either location on level 3.

Comment by Mack

My girlfriend and I got the chance to check out this great exhibit! Is there any where to purchase copy's of any of the photographs?

Comment by Marilyn Morris

I would like to see the Saturday showing of the wildlife exhibit, how can I get a membership by this date? I am a senior and happy to pay fees, for general admission and for the wildlife show. Thankyou, Marilyn.

Comment by Lead Concierge

Getting a membership is easy.  You can purchase one online or you can call the Membership Dept. at 416-586-5700 and purchase over the phone between 9:30am and 5pm daily.  You can also purchase a membership from the desk during museum hours before your visit.  Your membership will start immediately.

Comment by christopher mussett

why does the calendar feature on the exhibitions tab not allow me see what is going on in april 2014...a group of us wish to do a couple of days of art&culture in toronto and are trying to plan.

Comment by Lisa

Hi - can you please advise if there is a listing of photographers in the exhibit and how to contact them to inquire about purchasing some of their brilliant work? Thank you.

Comment by Richard

My fiance and I are planning on going there this Friday after 4:30 and I was wondering if this exhibit will be available to go to until 8:30 when the Museum closes? I would like to buy General Admission Tickets + The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year.

I just wanted to make sure that if we came after 4:30 / 5:00 this Friday that we would still be able to view this exhibit and if there's a cutoff time for this particular exhibit.

Please let me know.



Comment by Richard

Hi there.

My fiancee and I are coming there this afternoon for around 5:00 and I was wondering if there is an area there where we can leave our coats?

With it being winter we will be wearing heavy winter coats and we would like to take them off and leave them somewhere while we're there if you guys accommodate that sort of thing.

Can you please let me know?

Thanks very much.


Comment by Annie

Question: $97 membership subscription - special exhibits eg. photo of wildlife, upcoming artifacts from Forbidden City -
do we need to pay extra admission fees and is reservation needed to see those special exhibits as member.
Please note that the details of benefits is non-readable due to the background color of the 'dinosauer' photo.

Comment by Lead Concierge

Our memberships include entrance to special exhibitions for all card holders.  Although reservations are not mandatory, we suggest reserving tickets online in advance because they are timed tickets, especially during peak periods like March Break or weekends. 

Comment by Jaime Cho

Good afternoon, I am a parent volunteer who will be coming on a school trip to the ROM with my child's class. I am meeting with the teacher tomorrow and would like to suggest that we take the children to this exhibition and have them do an activity based on the photo's. I was thinking of creating a photo scavenger hunt. How ever I am unsure of the photo's that are being shown. Could you email me 10-20 of the photo's that are shown so that we can build a questioner for the children to take on March 5th? Or if you can not send me the photo's maybe you could come up with a list of things found in the photo's so that I can ask them to find the list of items.

Also because we are coming with the school I am assuming the parents/teachers will have to pay the extra $5? all the children are under the age of 10

thank you
Have a wonderful day
Jaime Cho

Comment by Maria

Would you kindly let me know if there is any way we can purchase a copy of the prints being showcased?

Thank you,


Comment by Lauren

This was asked before but not answered: Is there a book of these photographs available for purchase at the Museum?

Comment by Jamie Tate

Are there any Member tickets to the Wildlife Photographer exhibit left? I am having a problem booking a ticket.

Thank you.


Comment by Lead Concierge

Yes, there are tickets still available for Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  As a member you can reserve online which we suggest during March Break.  If you are having trouble booking your tickets, please call the Membership Services number at 416-586-5700.