ROM Research

The ROM is the largest field research museum in Canada, with more than 40 curators in disciplines from Anthropology to Invertebrate Zoology conducting groundbreaking studies in Toronto and around the world. Research projects such as those of David Evans and his lab form the core work of the Museum – this is the critical intellectual capital that makes ROM exhibitions, galleries, education and outreach both fascinating and cutting-edge.

David Evans' Dinosaur Research

Dr. David Evans, curator of Ultimate Dinosaurs, and his lab at the ROM have spent the majority of their time prospecting and excavating the great fossil fields of western North America, including the badlands of Alberta, Canada.

This environment documents the staggering diversity of Laurasian dinosaurs. By the Late Cretaceous period, the dinosaurs of Laurasia and Gondwana had been isolated from each other for over 50 million years.

Evolution acting on their respective plants and animals had produced very different worlds in the North and South. At this time, sea levels were much higher, and the central part of North America was inundated by an inland sea that stretched from Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

Although much of David's time in the field has been spent in southern Alberta, he has also travelled to several areas in the far north, where he has found evidence of dinosaurs that lived above the Arctic Circle.