House Calls with my Camera | Level 2


Toronto physician Dr. Mark Nowaczynski captures the lives of his patients in a poignant series of photo essays. House Calls with my Camera focuses on four at-risk individuals, providing insight not only into seniors' quality of life and the subjects' personal stories, but an appreciation of the transformative power of photography.

The 36 powerful photos taken by Dr. Nowaczynski, many of which are on display for the first time, document the hidden world of his house-bound patients, revealing the startling lack of medical and supportive home care services of this vulnerable population. Taken in black and white using a 4x5 large format camera, each photograph is printed traditionally on silver gelatin fibre-based paper from high-quality negatives. The resulting images convey vulnerability, but also a quiet strength and courage, as each struggle to live the rest of their lives with dignity.

The subject of a Gemini Award winning National Film Board of Canada documentary, House Calls, Dr. Nowaczynski's photographs have raised awareness about the many complex issues related to aging. In 2009 the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced the funding of the House Calls team through the Aging at Home Strategy. The team is an interdisciplinary community-based group led by Dr. Nowaczynski that assists aging in place and improves the quality of life of seniors by providing on-going integrated home-based care.