Ancient Peru Unearthed: Golden Treasures of a Lost Civilization

Discover a magnificent cache of long-hidden golden treasures from the Sicán civilization, a mysterious pre-Inca people who prospered off the northern coast of Peru as early as AD 700. This extraordinary exhibition showcases over 120 elaborately-crafted headdresses, crowns, pieces of pottery and jewellery, uncovered in an undisturbed, gold-filled tomb that is one of modern archaeology’s greatest finds.

The Sicán culture has been largely overshadowed by the more well-known and powerful Inca civilization. Little is known about the Sicán, only that they were skilled metallurgists, traders and seafarers who controlled a large expanse of coastal desert and fertile river valleys in northern Peru. Their culture is hallmarked by technically and artistically sophisticated art, pottery, architecture and religious artifacts.

Some of these artifacts were excavated in one of the most important archaeological sites in South America: Batán Grande, a sprawling complex of adobe pyramids and plazas, considered by the Sicán to be their religious centre. It was also the principal burial ground for their royalty. Ancient Peru Unearthed examines these remarkable finds and explores the rich history and artistry of this enigmatic civilization.


Comment by Evangeline

im am always fascinated by Inca's rich history, interested to see artifacts from this civilization