Group 3: Abbasid & Early Fatimid tiraz

Abbasid tiraz Arrival of the Fatimids in Cairo

The first Muslim dynasty, the Umayyad, fell to the Abbasids in 750, and the capital moved from Damascus (Syria) to Baghdad (Iraq). Here the Abbasid Caliph ruled an empire stretching from North Africa to Afghanistan. The Caliph’s display of wealth and court ceremonial was on a par with that of the Byzantine Emperor. The textiles shown here were both imported into Egypt from the east and produced at home. 

The calligraphic style prevails 
The style of kufic is calligraphic, resembling the artistry of contemporary Qur’ans. However, because these inscriptions are decorative, the calligrapher took liberties with the script, inserting superfluous strokes and flourishes to create rhythm and pattern.

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