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China - 3,000 Years of Culture

China - 3,000 Years of Culture EduKit available to rent

Engage your students in ancient Chinese culture and the fascinating arts produced by its people. Through a variety of hands-on activities, secondary students will explore Chinese dynasties, the development of their intricate writing, ancient symbols of power  authority, protection and prosperity still used in present-day China, innovative technological creations, as well as how bronze, jade and porcelain were made and their impact on the Western world.


Six activity centres, including: oracle bone, silkworm cocoon, porcelain and other objects  from the ROM's collections, as well as modern replicas of an intriguing bronze figurine from Sichuan, Tang camel, silk embroideries, brick tea, photographs, a video and teacher's notes.

Activity Centre Titles: 

The Importance of Writing
An Ordered Life - Symbols of Power and Authority
A Good Life - Symbols of Protection and Prosperity
Chinese Ceramics - Technology
Chinese Ceramics - Products and Markets
Bronze Age China

Teacher's Notes Preview: 



Best Grade Connections: 

Grade 11
Grade 12


Arts - Exploring and Creating in the Arts
Arts - Visual Arts

Available Languages: 


Case Category: 

C - Large

Case Size Information: 

60 cm x 47 cm x 29 cm


50 lbs
The ROM gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport, which receives annually $100 million in government funding through Ontario's charity casino initiative.

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