Peter Swann, Director, 1966-72


Peter Swann, Director, 1966-72


  • 1933 - 1968
  • portrait of man against dark background

Peter Swann is announced as the next Director. In 1966, he tackles the space issue first. The ROM must expand or choke to death.


Comment by Charles Garrad

I met Dr, Swann in 1971, the year before he was retired. I believe he was too radical for the establishment, he had jazz band concerts in the galleries, dancing in the Armour Court.
Do you have any idea what happened to him ? Perhaps he returned to England ? He told me he had property in the Beaver Valley but I never saw him again.

Comment by Julia Matthews

Dr Swann went on working in Toronto. He taught at York Uiversity and he was Executive Director of the Samuel and Saide Bronfman Foundation. He came to the ROM Archives one day to see what the records revealed about his departure and left with a copy of a cartoon from the Toronto Star.

Julia Matthews