Canadiana Building


Canadiana Building


  • 1933 - 1968
  • facade of building

Sigmund Samuel, who has been an important donor as well as a collector in his own right, pays for a building to house the fine and decorative art and rare books that he has donated, as well as the provincial archives. This building remains as a second ROM location until very recently and shows up on the bus system as “Canadiana building” even though it now belongs only to the University of Toronto.


Comment by lyn

I recall there were some very fine pieces of early Canadian-made 'settler' furniture in that building. What happened to those artefacts?

Comment by Lead Concierge
The entire Canadiana collection--decorative arts and painting, prints & drawings--was moved up to the main ROM building in 2000.  Some of the collection is now featured in the Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada, which is located on the ROM's main floor, and south of the Rotunda.