Cairo Under Wraps: Early Islamic Textiles | Level 4

Open June 21, 2014 to January 25, 2015
Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume, Level 4

Almost 80 precious Early Islamic textiles dating from the 7th to 14th centuries – including rare examples of clothing – are featured in this original exhibition of ROM material. The decoration on these textiles mainly consists of Arabic inscriptions, often invoking Allah and naming the ruler. Many of these items were intended for the royal household. Some of the earliest pieces were collected by C.T. Currelly, the founding director of the Royal Ontario Museum, and are thus especially appropriate to show in our centennial year. Complementary material in other media (ceramics, glass, metalwork, coins, etc.) has been selected from the ROM’s collection of Islamic art. The exhibition shares the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume with Fashion Follows Form.

More textiles from this collection are on display at the Aga Khan Museum, opening September 12, 2014.

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Comment by Nazir Walji

Hello there, the last time I visited ROM was for an exhibition around 1992 from Calgary. I intend to be in Toronto in August. I am particulary interested in the upcoming Cairo under wraps: Early Islamic Textiles exhibiton. Please provide a schedule on when the speakers are supposed to make their presentation and if it is within my visit period. Thank you.

Comment by Anu Liivandi

The lecture series information is now linked directly to the Cairo Under Wraps page.  I'm sorry but you've missed the first talk on July 15 (sold out) and the next won't be until Sept. 16.  Aug. is traditionally a slow month for lectures as so many regular attendees are away. I hope you enjoy your visit to exhibition regardless - - and please don't forget to pull open the drawers for many hidden treasures!


Comment by joe lewis

this was a very beautiful and interesting exhibition. Was there any publication on the research being done on the gold on some of the textiles?