The Museum Cat


The Museum Cat


  • 1968 - 1982
  • portrait of cat with black background

This is ROMA, one of two rescue cats who were responsible for rodent control during the 60s. The Museum photographer posed her in the studio. Gladys Wong, a cleaner, brought them from Woodbine Racetrack and fed them as part of her job. They hung out next to the security officers' room in the basement, and there is a whisper that one window looking out onto Philosopher's Walk was left open a crack - something that wouldn't happen today.

Editor's Note:Since first publishing this story, I have learned more about ROMA. She was very popular with staff and did a great deal of work, but got into trouble with the building supervisor when the 'new' dinosaur gallery opened (1969) and she used the forest sand floor as a litterbox!



Comment by Gail Berman

When reading the article about and seeing the picture of Roma, I was very much impressed with this ROM cat. I can only imagine the actual portrait in the Museum. What an important and intelligent feline for the things that she did!