Curator's Corner - featuring ROM entomologist Dr. Chris Darling

Posted: October 23, 2012 - 14:25 , by Antonia Guidotti
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Please join entomology curator Chris Darling for a fun filled day of discovery! This Saturday, October 27th, from 11am-4pm in Earth Rangers Studio, Schad Gallery. Curator’s Corner will feature a bug-tastic array of activities for the insect lover in you.

See some really small, yet very cool insects up close!

Perilampus aurata Zebe cornutus photo by A Guidotti

Perilampus aurata                                                         Zebe cornutus photo by A Guidotti

  • Learn about Dr. Darling’s work in Borneo
  • What Ontario insects do you know?
  • Meet some or the fascinating members of the Toronto Entomologists’ Association
  • Make an origami insect
  • Want to see how insects are prepared for a collection?
  • See how different some male and female insects can be
  • Get ‘tagged’ with a Monarch tag

Giant Bronze Beetles by artist George Foster

Out of the Vaults! On display Saturday only: Giant Bronze Beetles by artist George Foster.

Got a bug question? Maybe we can help you …..



Comment by Kathryn Cullen

I took a photo of an interesting insect while at the cottage on Bob's Lake near Westport (north of Kingston Ontario). I am attaching a link to the photo. I was not able to identify it in the "Roger Tory Peterson Field Guide to the Insects". Would you be able to identify it for me, and tell me what it is, and its name. Thanks very much!

Copy and paste this link into a browser to see the insect:

Comment by Jeong Jae Yoo

That looks a lot like Green Stink Bug nymph. Maybe its Acrosternum hilare.