Dead Sea Scrolls: Words that Changed the World | Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall, Level B2

Since their discovery in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls have rarely toured in order to preserve the fragile parchment. This original ROM exhibition includes rarely and never-before-seen Scrolls, as well as extraordinary 2,000-year-old artifacts of the period.

In partnership with the Israel Antiquities Authority, the ROM presented 17 Scrolls, of which four were on public display for first time ever, having been conserved at the ROM’s request. Artifacts from Qumran, Jerusalem and the Second Temple, Sephorris and other parts of Judea and the Galilee displayed, with Jewish and Roman artifacts from the period. The Scrolls include the fascinating Book of War Scroll, the Messianic Apocalypse Scroll and a section from Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, telling the story of the attempted seduction of Joseph by Potiphar’s wife.



Comment by Maureen McCullough

Dear Sir or Madam

I very much enjoyed the exhibit.

Would any pictures of the ossuaries from Jerusalem and Sephoris that you may have on file from the exhibit be available? I am also interested in obtaining a copy of the video reconstruction of the temple in Jerusalem if available.

Thank you


Maureen McCullough

Comment by Dianne Clark

Hello, I am wondering if I would ever be able to view the scrolls; will they be brought back again?

Thank you.
Dianne Clark

Comment by Ethan

Do you still have any of the souvenir guidebooks from this exhibit for sale? I remember going to see the Dead Sea scrolls and it was wonderful.

Comment by Melanie Graca

Please bring back the exhibit. Like many others, I missed it, but for health reasons at the time. So I would love the opportunity to come to the ROM and see them. Thank you for the fantastic work you all do. The galleries and exhibits are immensily enjoyed.

Comment by Kay Aldridge

Hello, there is a book that was published by The Royal Ontario Museum as an accompaniment to this exhibit titled 'Dead Seas Scrolls: Words that Changed the World'. 1 am looking to purchase this book. Can you tell me if it is available, in any format?

Thank you.