Dinosaur Eggs and Babies: Remarkable Fossils from South Africa | Level 2

February 11, 2014 to November 27, 2014

A rare opportunity to see real dinosaur eggs and babies!

Reed Gallery of Mammals, Level 2

The 190 million year old fossils provide invaluable information on the reproduction and growth of dinosaurs, and reveal in amazing detail the story of how an early dinosaur grew up, from a tiny egg to a 20-foot-long adult

As one of the most exciting finds in dinosaur palaeontology and the oldest dinosaur nests with embryos ever found, this ongoing project required five years of fieldwork and intricate lab work to uncover the eggs and embryos on view today.


Comment by miranda

I have a little boy that wants to be a palaeontologist does the ROM have more dinosaur fossils or just this one?

Comment by Lead Concierge

Yes, the ROM has a great gallery of Dinosaurs.  It has specimens represent life during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, grouped within the themes: Life on Land, Life on Sea, and Life in the Air. You'll see all of your favourites, including Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.

Comment by Melanie Basson

Do you perhaps have a Spinosaurus in your dinosaur display? We are coming in August and it is my son's favourite.

Comment by Melanie Basson

My little boy is crazy about spinosaurus. Do you perhaps have one in your exhibition?

Comment by Amanda

Looking into prices times and rates. Coming from St. Catharines not a lot of money looking for ways to get there and costs. My daughter is only 8 yrs and is really interested in coming. My husband and I have a hard time getting time off together. Let me know txs

Comment by Lead Concierge

Hi Amanda,

The ROM is pleased to offer discounted admission to our permanent collection on Fridays between 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM.  If you and your husband can get this time off together, it would be a great time to visit.

Comment by val

I am hoping to bring my son for both the Dinosaur eggs and Babies show as well any other Dinosaur gallery the ROM might have. Can I access both with the Cultural pass or do we require extra admission?

Comment by Shirl

Is this exhibition suitable for a 4 yr old ? Are there hands on areas he would enjoy at the ROM ? Thanks - we are coming from out of town.

Comment by admin

The display includes a fossilized embryo of dinosaurs and is found inside our Dinosaur Gallery which is a favourite for visitors of all ages.  The Hands-on Galleries and Bat Cave have special hand-on activities designed especially for families. Also, take a look at our Digital Gallery Tours which have been created for families planning a visit to the ROM (or to view at home).  

Comment by Taisha

Hi, I'm looking to study to be palaeontologist and want to gain experience on the subject. Is there any suggestion you can give me on way to do so? And is there any way to speak to peleontologists?

Comment by admin

We think it's a pretty cool job too!  We've passed your question along to our Natural History department for details.  They will be in touch with you directly.

Comment by Noushin

I was at ROM with my son Sunday Nov/17 but didn't see anything new about dinosaur egg and babies at level 2.
Can you tell me where is it exactly?

Comment by Tanya

How much longer will this exhibition be on for? When does it end? I'm planning on a trip to Toronto and my husband and I would hate to miss this!

Comment by Lead Concierge

There is no closing date yet for this exhibition.  Please check with the website or give us a call at 416-586-8000 prior to your visit to make sure the exhibition is still on display.

Comment by Melissa

I'm just wondering how much longer the Dinosaur Eggs & Babies exhibit is on? Looking at coming this summer 2014. If this isn't there then...are there other Dinosaur things to look at?

Comment by Lead Concierge

There is no closing date for Dinosaur Eggs & Babies yet.  Before your visit, please check our website or call the information line at 416-586-8000 to find out if it is still on display.  We also have a wonderful Dinosaur Gallery which is part of our permanent collection.

Comment by Ronald

Found a Dino egg in western cape, south Africa. ( +/- 30mm diameter with the typical surface) where can I send a picture to find out more?

Comment by Elsa Cordero Boyden

Can you please tell what kind of exhibits are good for a 6 years old, and how much is the ticket for them?
What other activities are there to do? We are coming from far .
Any special day discounts or special rates?
Hours for the kids exhibitions and activities.?
Any clay activities?

Thanks so much for your help and time.

Comment by Lead Concierge

We have many great exhibitions that children love, from the dinosaur gallery to the Egyptian gallery to the hands-on activity rooms for kids.  The cost for children is $13 for the general collection and $19 for the Forbidden City exhibition plus general admission.  Our best value time is Fridays between 4:30pm and 8:30pm.  Our hours are 10am to 5:30pm except for Fridays when we stay open until 8:30pm.  We don't have clay activities for children but check out our calendar of events on this site for any special activities. 

Comment by Sair Korb

Hi, I'm a student with George Brown College that has the partnership program with the ROM. I was supposed to be presenting in American Sign Language on this exhibit. Unfortunately, because it has been taken down, this is no longer possible. I know that in the past a student in a similar situation was allowed to go into the basement and present on an article there (instead of in it's original gallery). Is this a possibility for me regarding the Massospondylus exhibit?

Comment by david rolfe

I have also witnessed a "nest" like that with +20 eggs==== gotta get back there to recover them I guess >>>>> at first I figured the place was just mud cracks but having seen the "nest" on the net- well, we have another find to add to the richness of the south african fossil veld