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Curators in conversation: Dr. Deborah Hutton & Vikas Chand Jain, great great grandson of Dayal

Added: May 15, 2013 - 09:34

Raja Deen Dayal (1844 – 1905) was the first Indian photographer to earn international renown. Noted for remarkable beauty, aesthetic nuance and technical skill, Deen Dayal's photographs capture the architectural heritage of India, its landscape and people, and provide a lens through which we can explore a dynamic time in India's history and the role Deen Dayal had in fashioning a new identity for an emerging nation.

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Comment by Kaya Niranjan K...

Visited ROM today. Had the "Best Museum Experience" ever. I have visited many museums during my various travels. I have even been to museums triple the size of ROM, but none of them match what ROM has and the way everything is arranged. I loved the Egyptian, Roman and pre-historic gallery the most. Had a unique feeling being at ROM. Keep the good work up. Thank you very very much for making this place such a remarkable one.