Kevin Seymour

Kevin Seymour

Assistant Curator

Area: Natural History, Fossils & Evolution

Interests: Quaternary faunas and South American cats

Exhibitions & Galleries: James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs.

Phone: 416.586.5754


B.Sc. (Honours), Biology/Geology, Queen’s University, 1980
M.Sc., Geology, University of Toronto, 1983
Ph.D., Zoology, University of Toronto, 1999

Kevin Seymour is an Assistant Curator in Vertebrate Palaeontology and is Collections Manager for the ROM’s famous collection of fossil vertebrates.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Kevin has worked at the ROM since 1983, and completed his Ph.D. while working at the Museum. His dissertation research examined the South American small cats (taxonomy, morphology, palaeontology) to better understand the evolutionary relationships of this group. He has done fieldwork collecting fossil vertebrates in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Kevin’s research interests include the Quaternary faunas of eastern North America, especially Ontario, and the evolution of the North and South American cats. He was coordinating curator for the new Reed Gallery of the Age of Mammals, and was also heavily involved in the planning for the new James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs. 

Recent Publications

Year Publication
2010 Simmons, N.B., K.L. Seymour, J. Habersetzer and G.F. Gunnell.. "Inferring echolocation in ancient bats." Nature, 466: E8-E9.


Q: What's the best place to see Southern Dinosaurs?
A: The Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition at the ROM!



Comment by Søren Faurby

Dear dr Seymour.

My name is Søren Faurby. I am a danish post doc working on mammalian evolution.
I am attempting to reconstruct potential current distributions based on fossil co-occurrences. I am contacting you to hear if you can provide the complete list of mammalian species from the sites of Talara tar seeps, Peru, and Corralito, Ecuador which you recently discussed at a conference since I have not been able to find these lists elsewhere.

Kind regards, Søren

Comment by Dr. Terry Gates

Hello Kevin. Thanks again for an incredible visit to the paleontology collections! Your shark collections has to proved to be the most useful of any I have visited thus far, and of course the wide variety of dinos is fantastic. Your attention to detail in collections made my data acquisition very easy. Hope to see you again soon.