Susan Stock

Susan Stock

Susan Stock

Senior Conservator, Archaeological Metals

Area: Conservation

Interests: Metal corrosion, technology and ancient jewelery

Exhibitions & Galleries: Ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium, Egypt

Phone: 416.586.5617


After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1972 with a bachelor of arts, Susan Stock resolved to pursue her interest in archaeology by enrolling in the conservation program, Conservation of Archaeological Materials, at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, London, England, receiving a diploma in 1976. After fieldwork in Turkey and Afghanistan, she went on to conservation work in the private sector for Plowden and Smith, London's leading art conservation firm. In 1977 she went into private practice in London U.K.; her clients included major art houses, dealers and collectors.  

In 1981, returning to Toronto, Susan carried on working privately until 1984 when she took the position of Archaeological Metals Conservator at the ROM to complete the conservation of metal artifacts for the Greek and Roman, Egyptian and Far Eastern galleries. She continues as Metals Conservator at the Museum where she is well known for her work on archaeological metals as well as the organization of many public programs; lecture series including ROMCAAF (a discussion forum for issues in archaeometry, archaeology and conservation); and courses such as Introduction to Conservation for the Fine Art Department, University of Toronto.

As well, Susan continues to be consulted on major public works projects. She served as Metals Conservator for the Joint Venture Architects on the restoration of the Library of Parliament, Ottawa, and contributed to the conservation of Golden Boy, Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg, for Spencer R. Higgins, Architects and Dillon Consulting Ltd. The firm was awarded a prize for Excellence by Canadian Consulting Engineer, October/November 2003 for the Golden Boy project.

Susan's interest in metal corrosion has led to collaboration with international colleagues in the research of corrosion products on copper and its alloys, occurring naturally in the environment and as the result of storage conditions. Several publications include the results of this collaborative work and her other interest in the research and the analysis of ROM objects and field material. The study of ROM objects and acquisitions has furthered our knowledge of our material cultural past and contributed to the understanding of our collections and their authenticity.


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Trentelman K., L. Stodulski, D. Scott, M. Back, S. Stock, D. Strahan, A.R. Drews, A. O'Neill, W.H. Weber, A.E. Chen, and S.J. Garrett. “The characterization of a new pale blue corrosion product found on copper alloy artifacts.” InStudies in Conservation, (2002) 47, pp. 217-227, IIC, The Journal of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works


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