Ryan Dodge

Ryan and Zeus in the Greek gallery

Ryan Dodge

Digital Engagement Coordinator

Area: Communication

Interests: History, Mobile, Social Media and new in-gallery experiences

Exhibitions & Galleries: Dinosaurs, European, Roman


As the Royal Ontario Museum's Digital Engagement Coordinator, my role is focused on digital content creation, campaign and community management, as well as building digital capacity within the institution. Experienced in building content and digital strategies that have value for communities, I am particularly interested in how we best connect the physical and digital visit and provide our visitors onsite and online with the best possible experience. 

Previous to this role, I worked in the ROM's Library & Archives (2009-2012) and I supervised the ROM's large and diverse Visitor Services team between 2006-2009. I hold an Advanced BA in History from Dalhousie University and an MA in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Active in the museum community, I have volunteered with the Canadian Museums Association's Young Canada Works Project, sat on the board of ICOM Canada and am a current member of the Virtual Museum of Canada Advisory Committee. In my spare time I am the Museum Computer Network's part-time Digital Content and Community Manager.

Recent presentations can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/wryandodge

You can get in touch with me below or on Twitter: @wrdodger 

Recent Publications

Year Publication
2016 "Technology - Museums keeping Pace?." MUSE: The voice of Canada's Museum Community, XXXV, 1, 40-45.
2015 "Creating a Social Institution: Leveraging the Power of Social Media." Museum Ideas Creating a Social Institution: Leveraging the Power of Social Media


Authored by: Ryan Dodge

Authored by: Ryan Dodge