Marianne Mader

Marianne Mader

Hatch Managing Director, Centres for Earth & Space/ Fossils & Evolution

Area: Earth & Space, Fossils & Evolution

Phone: 416-586-5856


I’m an explorer at heart and I strive to inspire curiosity.

The Centres of Discovery in Earth & Space and Fossils & Evolution capture the imagination of all ages, nurturing discovery and invoking a sense of wonder. They serve as portals into the world of science, providing a foundation to help understand fundamental questions that drive humankind: Where did we come from? What is our destiny? As the Managing Director for these Centres, I help people to understand the Earth, our solar system, and how life evolved over time. Working with teams across the ROM to develop programs, projects and partnerships, I’m tasked with sharing and making relevant the ROM’s extensive fossil, rock, mineral, and gem collections and renowned curatorial research.

With over 13 years of research & field experience, I’ve studied some of the oldest rocks on Earth in Greenland, explored impact craters across the globe, and most recently collected meteorites in Antarctica. I’ve collaborated with Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, the Canadian Space Agency, NASA, and MDA (Canada’s largest space company) to plan and execute simulated lunar and planetary exploration missions, as well as developing insights into planetary impact cratering processes. I’m passionate about youth engagement and science outreach and have played an active role in developing hands-on, interest driven programs over the past ten years. I’m the co-founder and a board member of the non-profit STEAMLabs, an all-ages community makerspace in downtown Toronto and have chaired numerous national space exploration conferences and events.

I have a BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences, an MSc in Space Studies, and a PhD in Planetary Science. I’m also a Visiting Lecturer at the International Space University. 

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Research Projects

Asteroids are rocky, left-over material from the formation of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago.  They are time capsules, preserving information about how the planets formed and perhaps e