Craig N. Cipolla

Craig Cipolla

Isabel and Gino Vettoretto Curator of North American Archaeology

Interests: Archaeology, Anthropology, North America, Colonialism, Collaborative Indigenous Archaeology



B.A., Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2003

M.A., Historical Archaeology, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2005

Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, Anthropology, 2010


Craig grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. From there, anthropology and archaeology took him to Boston, Philadelphia, Leicester (UK), and now Toronto. His research focuses on North American archaeology, particularly New England and the Great Lakes. His main interests include archaeological theory, material culture, the archaeology of colonialism, indigenous collaborative archaeology, and fieldwork. He currently directs the Mohegan archaeological field school in partnership with the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut (run through the Institute for Field Research) and looks forward to the possibility of developing a field project here in the Toronto area.

Before joining the ROM, Craig was Lecturer in Archaeology and a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester. There, he directed a Master’s Program in Historical Archaeology and the Centre for Historical Archaeology, an interdisciplinary research center devoted to the archaeology of the last 500 years. Craig taught courses in historical archaeology, North American archaeology, the archaeology of colonialism, and archaeological theory. He is excited to bring his passion for teaching and public engagement to the ROM and to his new position in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto.

Craig recently completed a book on contemporary archaeological theory (co-authored with Oliver Harris). He has published a number of books, articles, and chapters (listed below), and received major grants from the National Science Foundation and the European Commission. His current collaborative research project in Connecticut, "Remaking Archaeology: Decolonizing Indigenous-Colonial Histories through Mohegan Collaborative Archaeology," is supported by the Wenner Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research. Craig is also currently working with a number of First Nations on repatriation projects. 


Blog Entries (ROM North American Archaeology)

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Vikings: The Exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum, Opens November 4, 2017 (with new content on Vikings in Canada).


Select Publications



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2017, Craig N. Cipolla (Ed.). Foreign Objects: Rethinking Indigenous Consumption in American Archaeology. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

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Research Articles

2019, Craig N. Cipolla and Amelie Allard. Recognizing River Power: Watery Views of Ontario's Fur Trade. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, published online in October 2018.

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2007, Sportman, Sarah, Craig N. Cipolla, and David B. Landon. Zooarchaeological Evidence for Animal Husbandry and Foodways at Sylvester Manor. Northeast Historical Archaeology 36: 127-142.


Book Chapters

2017, Craig N. Cipolla. Indigenous People and Foreign Objects: Rethinking Consumption in American Archaeology. In Foreign Objects: Rethinking Indigenous Consumption in American Archaeology, edited by Craig N. Cipolla. Tucson, University of Arizona Press.

2017, Craig N. Cipolla. Postscript: Postcolonial Archaeology in the Age of Things. In Foreign Objects: Rethinking Indigenous Consumption in American Archaeology, edited by Craig N. Cipolla. Tucson, University of Arizona Press.

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Popular Articles

2019, Craig N. Cipolla. Fluid Histories: The Archaeology of Rivers in Ontario's Fur Trade. ROM Magazine, Spring 2019.

2017, Craig N. Cipolla. Vikings in Canada. ROM Magazine, Fall 2017, issue 25.