Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips

Assistant Coordinator, Teacher, Instructor

Area: Learning, Biodiversity

Interests: education; hands-on, object-based learning; experiential learning; science advocacy & communication; natural history

Exhibitions & Galleries: Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity; James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs; Reed Gallery of the Age of Mammals; Gallery of Birds; Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth's Treasures

Phone: 416-586-8000 x4141


B.Sc. Honors Paleontology, University of Alberta, 2004

M.Sc. Earth Sciences, Carleton University, 2008

B.Ed., Intermediate/Senior Division, Biology and Geography, University of Ottawa, 2009

I have loved learning about nature for as long as I can remember, and have loved teaching about it all my adult life. Perhaps it is unavoidable, then, that I should also be guilty of a life-long love of museums!

After acquiring degrees in palaeontology, earth science, and education, I first joined the ROM in 2009 as a part-time science teacher. Since that time I have taught visitors of all ages about biology, geology, and palaeontology throughout the Museum’s galleries and classrooms, as well as online through the Ultimate Dinosaurs 101 Courses I wrote and narrated, which are free to download through the iTunes University app.

Currently, in addition to being a Museum Teacher, I am also the Assistant Gallery & Program Coordinator for the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity and the ROM Centre for Discovery in Biodiversity, through which I organize staff and volunteers to deliver internal and external programs that connect visitors to both the wonders of our biosphere, and to the ROM researchers who study it. 


Assorted Links

Ultimate Dinosaurs 101 on iTunes University (link opens in iTunes)

The Secret Lives of Pokémon - a fun interview I gave with Kris Abel

Rhinoceros reminder that conservation requires continued commitment - blog post on rhino conservation

Viens Voir Ici! - an appearance on French television promoting the ROM's collections & research


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Authored by: Aaron Phillips

Authored by: Aaron Phillips