James Menzies Chinese Research Fellowship

The James Menzies Chinese Research Fellowship was established in 2009 to promote scholarly research as it relates to the Royal Ontario Museum's Chinese collection, with particular emphasis on the ROM's Menzies collection. The Fellowship is open to Ph.D. candidates, both junior and senior scholars, from Canada and/or China. The research of prospective candidates must make direct use of, or support, the ROM's Chinese collections, in particular archaeological materials from prehistory to the Bronze-Age.

James Mellon Menzies, a Canadian missionary based largely in Anyang from 1913-1932, and Qilu University from 1932-1936 acquired a significant collection of oracle bones, bronzes, pottery and jade while in China. The large majority of objects date from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties (16th - 3rd century BC). While most of the oracle bones which he collected remained in China, in 1960, the Menzies family donated the bulk of James Menzies collection of Chinese antiquities which were in Canada to the ROM. In 2009, the late Arthur Menzies made a bequest to he ROM's East Asian Section to establish this Fellowship endowment as a way of ensuring that the legacy of his father would be available for future generations.

Available to Ph.D. candidates, junior and senior scholars, from Canada or China, whose research can make direct use of, or support, the ROM’s Chinese collections.  Foreign applicants are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas, permits, etc.
Preliminary applications:
It is advisable to confirm the relevance of ROM collections to your research in advance by writing to the Chair of the James Menzies Chinese Research Fellowship Committee.  We can provide overviews of our collection or complete catalogue records for specific areas.  We can also provide information on places to stay, costs, etc. contact:
Chair, James Menzies Chinese Research Fellowship
Department of World Cultures
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen’s Park
Toronto  ON  M5S 2C6, Canada
t.   416.586.5647
Final applications:
Applications must be received by mail or email before or on October 31.  Faxed copies will not be accepted.  Completed applications must include the follow:
  • Cover page 
  • applicant's background
  • significance of research (1 page maximum)
  • project title with summary and objectives (maximum of 100 words)
  • detailed description of research
  • dissemination of research
  • methodology
  • role of ROM’s collections
  • previous work supporting research (6 pages maximum)
  • detailed budget
  • proposed starting date with proposed dates for research
  • current curriculum vitae
  • two letters of support from individuals familiar with the work of the applicant


Recent Publications

2013"James Menzies Chinese Research Fellowship Application", (james_menzies_application.pdf)