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The ROM is home to one of the world’s most extensive and eclectic collections of art and other cultural and historical objects. The scale of our collection is enormous, with tens of thousands of artifacts representing the entire sweep of human history. As the product of human invention, the fine arts and design in various media, popular arts, functional objects and the built environment are a direct extension of human thought and experience, shaping and reflecting historical and cultural identities. ROM research examines the complex and fascinating histories of different times and places, and to relate these explorations to our contemporary experience.

ROM World Art & Culture explores millennia of visual arts and material culture.

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Panathenaic amphora featuring Athena. Learn how cultures around the world have used ceramics in their art and daily lives.

Past meets present as you explore how people have expressed themselves in clay throughout history.  Can you tell what culture made a bowl just by looking at it?  The ROM’s galleries will introduce you to some of the greatest ceramic cultures, and then influence your own work.  Using everything from simple coils to sophisticated sgraffito decorating methods, you’ll have the chance to put your creativity to work as you form organic sculptures, functio

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Learn about the history of sculpture, like this funerary statue from China, then create your own.

From ancient monuments to modern abstract design, take a cross-cultural survey of storytelling through sculpture. Put your new understanding to work as you craft unique works of art using stone, wire, clay, and other materials. Experiment with modeling, casting, and carving techniques to bring a favourite Greek myth to life, tell a tale of Egyptian explorers, or convey a Japanese Shinto message of nature’s serenity.

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Photo Julia Campisi

Grab your crayons, paintbrushes and pencils and get ready to open your ears, eyes and minds for an around- the-world artistic adventure! Journey through the Museum’s many amazing exhibits and galleries like Ancient Egypt, Rocks and Minerals, and Mediaeval Japan, and gain inspiration for your brilliant masterpieces. No corner of the ROM will be left unturned as you let your creativity soar!