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From prehistory through to the present day, textile production has been a fundamental part of human existence. ROM Textiles & Fashions presents the rich heritage of textiles and fashion from around the world, drawing on the ROM’s collection of 50,000 fragile and sensitive objects and our extensive curatorial expertise. Rotating exhibits of weaving, needlework, printed and archaeological textiles, and silks related stories that interweave cultures and societies and record intimate histories, politics and ingenious innovation.

ROM Textiles & Fashions explores the fascinating world of global textiles and fashions.

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Photo of the front part of a dress

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Gervers Fellow Dr. Philip Sykas traces the history of printed textiles, from innovations in techniques to colour production. Sykas' work builds upon the research previously done as part of his 2014 research in the ROM's fashion collections.

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ROM Daytime

Free with Museum Admission, ROM Daytime brings experts in the fields of archaeology, natural history, biodiversity, world art and contemporary culture to share new discoveries, amazing artifacts and cutting edge science in a fascinating series of daytime lectures.  Lectures are followed by a short reception with coffee, tea and treats, and access to some of the ROM's newest exhibits!

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