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Canada’s heritage is one of diverse cultures and deep roots, originally defined by Aboriginal cultures and subsequently by English and French arrivals, and later by a mosaic of international immigration. ROM Canada is unique, focusing on culture and nature, while encouraging interpretations of Canada based on the convergence of both. Explore the development of Canadian identity and Canadian-ness in the context of place and climate through centuries of changing technologies and symbols.
ROM Canada explores our culture and nature.

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The Franklin Expedition: The Bell Tolls Again

Closes April 2015
Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery, Level 1

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Road Ecology experts stand with bright fluorescent safety vests next to Terry Fox Drive in Kanata, Ontario

November 27-28 brought 110 of the top Canadian road ecology minds together for a conference in Ottawa that started the conversation about this emerging science at a national scale.

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Join Kenneth R. Lister, ROM Assistant Curator of Arctic, Subarctic & Native Watercraft, to hear what lies below the surface of Paul Kane's paintings that will both surprise and enlighten you.