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The Centre of Discovery for Canada is unique, focusing on culture and nature, while encouraging interpretations based on the convergence of both. Canada’s heritage is one of diverse cultures and deep roots, originally defined by Aboriginal cultures and subsequently by English and French arrivals, and later by a mosaic of international immigration. Explore the evolving nature of Canadian identity and Canadian-ness in the context of place and climate through centuries of changing technologies and symbols in our extensive collection of First Nations’ artifacts and in the secular and religious objects of this country’s more recent arrivals over the past 500 years.


ROM Staff

image of April Hawkins

New World Archaeology Technician

Kenneth Lister

Assistant Curator (Arctic, Subarctic & Native Watercraft)

Trudy Nicks

Senior Curator

Research Projects

A core part of the archaeological science research at the ROM is the
Between 1844 and 1848, the iconic Canadian painter Paul Kane