ROM Ancient Cultures

ROM Ancient Cultures explores the civilizations of the past and their relevance today. From early human ancestors in China to the technological innovations of Mesopotamia to the global economy of ancient Rome, ancient cultures help us understand the diversity of human experience.

ROM archaeologists excavate around the world. Back at the museum, our staff analyze and conserve the ROM’s artifact collections. And our broader community of archaeology enthusiasts and experts share insight and data from around the world.

How can information about past cultures help us understand our present world and plan for the future? Get involved with the centre, and be part of the conversation!

There are many ways to participate in ROM Ancient Cultures, from gallery visits to public programs to research conferences. Explore the artifacts in our galleries, talk to our curators, examine real artifacts, make crafts using traditional techniques, or join a debate on current topics in archaeology.

ROM Staff

Dr. Chen Shen, Vice President, Senior Curator, Bishop White Chair of East Asian Archaeology

Vice President, Senior Curator (Bishop White Chair of East Asian Archaeology)

Justin Jennings

Curator (New World Archaeology)

Portrait of Rae Ostman in Egyptian gallery

Managing Director, ROM Ancient Cultures

Research Projects

Excavating the Longyadong cave site in 1997
Lower Palaeolithic settlement of the Middle Pleistocene
Excavating the Wanghailuo site in 2001
Upper Palaeolithic microblade technology
Dr. Chen Shen – Nihewan project - Xichangling Excavation, China, 1998 - 2000
The Early Pleistocene hominid occupations in East Asia (1.8 – 1
Hollow-brick Han tomb reconstruction, Gallery of Chinese Architecture.
During the Han Dynasty, stone and brick tombs of the wealthy were sub
Wuzhu coins of the Han Dynasty, 206 BC – AD 220 (926., Spade-shape coin of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, 771 - 221 BC (926., Kangxi Tongbao coin of the Qing Dynasty, AD 1644 - 1911 (926.
The ROM is one of few museums in the world with a collection of compr