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Posted: May 2, 2014 - 10:00 , by Ryan Dodge
Business Cards listing the new social media accounts.

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Dodge and I am the Social Media Coordinator here at the ROM. Today, I am happy to announce the official launch of four new Twitter handles, now you can interact with each of our Centres of Discovery!

Last year, the Museum launched the Centres of Discovery to help communicate the stories about our encyclopaedic collections, international research, public programs, and exhibitions with our visitors. The Centres are a way for our visitors to connect to their world and to each other.

There is more and more content on the Internet each day, but people have the same 24 hours. We want to give you the opportunity to follow your interests, inspire your curiosities and learn through discovery. With less and less time but more and more content available, people seek to fill their specific needs online.  

With the breath of collections and expertise at the ROM, individuals will be able to create an experience that parallels their individual needs/interest and that is as unique as they are. Digital hubs aligned with the Centres of Discovery will support active networks with lively local and global communities that participate, share, and collaborate on programs and content. Instead of diluting the conversations, as I admit was my initial concern with creating new accounts, we want to allow you to drill deeper into our content and connect directly with the content YOU want.

Interested in contemporary art and issues?  Follow @ROMContemporary. What about fossils and evolution? Talk to our palaeotologists @ROMPalaeo. Are you a Canadian History buff? I’m sure @ROM_Canada will be a place of lively debate!  If your more of a fashionista with a passion for textiles, @ROMtextiles will be your place to go.

Giving people the choice to interact with the content that want will only strengthen our diverse communities and the relationship people have with the museum as a whole. Below you'll find links to these new and exisiting accounts:

Royal Ontario Museum - @ROMtoronto

Centre of Discovery in Ancient Cultures - @ROMAncient

Centre of Discovery in Biodiversity - @ROMBiodiversity

Centre of Discovery in Canada - @ROM_Canada

Centre of Discovery in Contemporary Culture - @ROMContemporary

Centre of Discovery in Earth & Space - @ROMEarthSci

Centre of Discovery in Fossils & Evolution - @ROMPalaeo

Centre of Discovery in Textiles & Fashion - @ROMTextiles

Centre of Discovery in World Art & Culture - @ROM_WorldArt 

If ayone has any questions you can get in touch by leaving a comment below, through my staff page or on Twitter


Image of World Art Social twitter account.