ROM Selfie Guide

Posted: July 8, 2015 - 15:36 , by Ryan Dodge
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1. Mimicking a statue can be fun. Look closely at the statue to make sure you get it right.

2. When attempting to take a selfie with a dinosaur, please ensure the dinosaur is actually in the shot.

3. We know a good selfie is important, but please do not interrupt other visitors to get your shot.

4. GUYS! The stairs in the Museum are a safety first, not a selfie first zone.

5. Well-placed antlers provide fun photo ops. Make sure to line yourself up with the antlers properly to ensure the highest quality selfie. Otherwise, what’s the point?

6. When taking a selfie in costume, don’t get too crazy, wear only one costume at a time, please.

7. Barriers are there for a reason, please do not cross them, even if it means missing a great selfie opportunity.

8. Lighting is an important element of photography: take your selfies in well-lit areas. #batcave

9. Goggles must always be worn at the dinosaur dig – even when taking selfies. Safety first! 

10. We know the Crystal provides a great background for photos, however we must ask that you refrain from taking selfies in oncoming traffic.

11. The Museum is choc-a-block full of selfie opportunities, however please don’t selfie and walk.


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