Paul Sereno is coming to the ROM!

Posted: September 14, 2012 - 09:03 , by Patti McCabe

Paul Sereno, one of my FAVOURITE palaeontologists, is coming to @ROMToronto this Sunday and I could not be be MORE excited. Except for maybe those times when I was a kid…

(cue time travel sound effect- swosh swish swash)

When I was a kid I had a pretty strict bed time. For grades 3 through 5, bed time was somewhere around 8-9PM. Very rarely were exceptions made. About the only time I ever remember my mom letting me stay up was for one of my favourite tv shows, Paleoworld.


Paleoworld was awesome. It was a documentary about dinosaurs and palaeontology that ran during the mid 90’s. It had great cut scenes with dinosaurs, animations and wonderful interviews with some of the world’s best and most well known palaeontologists.

Now I have a lot of palaeontology heroes but Paul Sereno really stands out. His finds like Suchomimus, and Carcharodontosaurus are defining, and his trip to Niger in the 90’s is legendary.

As a kid I loved seeing interviews with Paul Sereno because he was so dynamic and excited and engaging about his finds. I remember, when I knew Paleoworld would come on after my bedtime, I would say “MOMMOMMOM! But what if Paul Sereno comes on? He’s my FAVOURITE!”.

Now even though my mom knew that Phil Currie was my favourite palaeontolgist, and even though she knew Paul Sereno wasn’t on all the episodes of Paleoworld, she would let me stay up. Just in case.

(cue time travel sound effect… again)

So obviously you all can understand how JAZZED I am to meet Paul Sereno this Sunday. I mean, look at this selection of awesome dinosaurs he’s discovered and helped identify.

Suchomimus. Personally, I think this is the most attractively deadly theropod ever found.

Nigersaurus. Vacuum cleaner mouth… used for mowing? I can’t believe this mouth even exists. So different and unique compared to all the other sauropods.

Me with one of the largest land predators OF ALL TIME, Carcharodontosaurus. I’m obviously trying to reenact this famous Paul Sereno scene.

Eoraptor. One of of the oldest known dinosaurs. And really maybe one of Paul Sereno’s most impressive.

If that doesn’t get you all giddy with excitement and joy, well… I’m not sure what will!

All of these dinosaurs are display RIGHT NOW at our special #ultimatedinos exhibit! You can meet Paul Sereno THIS Sunday, September 16th, 2012, @ROMToronto!