National Volunteer Week 2018: Lynne Wood

Posted: April 14, 2018 - 09:32 , by ROM
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Name: Lynne Wood taught high school for 38 years and started volunteering at the ROM in the Spring of 2016.


What inspired you to volunteer at the ROM?

Lynne: Volunteering at the ROM is a wonderful opportunity to continue to learn, teach and work with people of all ages.


What is your role of being a volunteer at the ROM? What does a day in your volunteer life look like?

Lynne: My role as a volunteer includes: wayfinding, working on the information desk, introducing artifacts to visitors in my capacity as a gallery interpreter, in addition, to helping train new volunteers as gallery interpreter. A day in my volunteer life includes both some wayfinding as a visitor guide and introducing different artifacts in my capacity as a gallery interpreter.


What do you love most about being a volunteer?

Lynne: What I love most about being a volunteer is interacting with everyone here at the ROM: our visitors, the other volunteers, the staff, in addition to learning as much as I can about the artifacts.


Do you have a favourite memory of being a volunteer?

Lynne: When I am working in the Earth’s Treasures Gallery, it’s wonderful when visitors get excited about learning something new, particularly when I’m focusing on NASA’s rendezvous with the asteroid, Bennu.


Apart from being a volunteer what else do you enjoy?

Lynne: I have taken a stand-up course at Second City which was lots of fun. Also, I enjoy my fitness classes, book club, travel, friends and family.