Join us for #MuseumWeek

Posted: March 21, 2014 - 09:18 , by ROM

Organized by Mar Dixon and Culture Themes in collaboration with Twitter, #MuseumWeek is a chance for museums around the world to gather together, share thematic content an urge people to get involved. Mar says,  “Every day of the year museums and cultural institutions across the world are using Twitter in exciting and interesting ways to tell the stories of their collections to new audiences." #MuseumWeek will shine a light on these activities, giving a real-time glimpse into the workings of museums. 

March 24 Day 1 – A day in the life (#DayInTheLife)

• We will highlight a few members of staff to give you insight into a typical day 

March 25 Day 2 – Test your knowledge (#MuseumMastermind)

• We'll ask questions, propose riddles, and create quizzes (1 per hour). For example: Where is this object from, which species is shown here, date this object, what year was this painted?

March 26 Day 3 – Your story (#MuseumMemories)

• Encourage people to share their stories - favorite museums, most memorable visits, favorite works of art and objects

March 27 Day 4 – Buildings behind the art (#BehindTheArt)

• We'll go behind the scenes to show you what goes on in the staff areas. We'll also share a special trip to CT scan a few dinosaur specimens!

March 28 Day 5 – Ask the expert (#AskTheCurator)

• Self explanatory, ask us ANYTHING!

March 29 Day 6 – Museum selfies (#MuseumSelfies)

2013 became the year of the selfie, and so far in 2014 the trend has shown no sign of fading.

• We want people to get creative and tweet their #MuseumSelfies. This could range from people tweeting their selfies from within the museum space to getting involved from home or on the move!

March 30 Day 7 – Constraint drives creativity (#GetCreative)

• We're asking people to mimic their favorite dinosaurs and tweet a picture, vine or instavid or reach the expert level and provide your own guided tour of a collection through a tweet, Vine or instavid.