iPad Drawing Class with Jerrem Lynch

Posted: November 1, 2011 - 09:18 , by ROM
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What do you get when you mix an Australian graffiti artist, a high school student, two art therapists, a pub owner and a radio show host at the ROM on a Thursday night? The ICC’s iPad Drawing Class!

Twenty-five people from all walks of life and age groups signed up for an evening workshop – and happily learned to click and tap their way around the Brushes application on the iPad. Irreverant instructor Jerrem Lynch of the Toronto School of Art taught the class the basics of RGB colour theory and drawing layers, and then put the students into action, having them sketch first each other, and then a variety of still-life objects.

This one-off class is just one of the ways the ICC is encouraging the public to look deeper at the ideas presented in David Hockney’s fresh flowers.

It seems Hockney’s work has us all inspired, as we keep stumbling across tablet-clutching ROM visitors sketching their way around the Museum.  We’re currently developing on an online gallery, where ROM visitors can share their digital drawings with us.  If you’d like to participate, send us a quick email to icc@rom.on.ca and we’ll let you know when this virtual gallery is open for submissions.

Stay tuned for more details about our Digital Artist Show-and-Tell, happening every Friday in November.