Posted: November 15, 2012 - 10:35 , by ROM
#instaROM shot from @stilez

On November 6th, we held our very first Instagram tour.

If you are on Instagram you may have seen this type of tour called an #instawalk, well this was a ROM-ified version and we had lots of fun seeing the work of our visitors. We invited people to tour the galleries, take photos using Instagram and share them using the hashtag #instaROM. Over the course of the day we had about 15 people take part, sharing around 70 photos in many different filters.

As this was our first #instaROM event we'd like to know what you all think. Should we continue to do these types of events, would you like them to be more focused on a particular gallery or display? What day works for everyone? We love seeing the museum through your eyes/lenses/filters so please let us know. Please add your comments below and thank you for adding your thoughts!

Here is a link to the Storify of the #instaROM event.


Here is a link to the Facebook album about the event:


From the comments we recieved on the Facebook post we are planning our next #instaROM for tomorrow night during Friday Night Live (#FNLROM) and possibly another tour that combines a one hour docent tour. Stay tuned to #instaROM on Twitter for more details in the next few days.