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Rites of Spring: Festivals, Rituals & Beauty Across Cultures

Primavera (1482), Sandro Botticelli


Spring has always been a time of renewal and growth. This two day intensive workshop will immerse you in the springtime festivals around the world from ancient cultures to the historical and modern ideals of beauty.

Saturday June 8 and Sunday June 9

Day 1 - Festivals & Rituals

Spring festivals and celebrations around the world. How are seasonal time transitions marked in various cultures? Are there astronomical markings for Spring time?

Day 2 - Beauty Across Cultures

Warmer weather means throwing off the coat and scarf, ditching the socks and getting outdoors to get fit. Contemporary culture has ideals of beauty that are perpetuated by the media. However, various cultures throughout history have had very different sets of standards for a healthy, beautiful and attractive body. Explore the spectrum of beauty standards from ancient to contemporary cultures.

This jam-packed weekend workshop will include private guided tours through most of the cultural galleries in the museum as well a rare hands-on examination of artifacts not currently on display.

  • Guided tours by ROM experts
  • Artifacts from the vault
  • Rare hands-on opportunity
  • Limited capacity for VIP experience


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Royal Ontario Museum

Bloor Street (main entrance)