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Partners in Protection: Planet Madagascar

Photograph of a Coqueral's sifaka, a type of Lemur found in Madagascar - Photo by Travis Steffens

Organizations involved in biodiversity-related issues connect with ROM visitors via informal presentations.

Planet Madagascar is a project dedicated to conservation education and community development in Madagascar.  They’ve dedicated themselves to helping promote sustainable living for the communities living in close connection to the wildlife in Madagascar.  In order to accomplish this, they’ve been running educational programs in Madagascar and soon in Canada, they have begun working on the Lambas for Lemurs project in Madagascar to promote environmental stewardship, and they are starting a community-led sanitation project in Madagascar in October.

Wildlife plays an integral part in the health of the forests on the island, and lemurs of are particular importance.  Lemurs are a type of primate that can only be found within Madagascar, and are important seed dispersers responsible for propagating and maintaining the different trees in the forest.  These trees act as an important watershed, helping produce and channel rainwater essential for the survival of the ecosystem.  Planet Madagascar seeks to raise awareness of the lemurs’ importance through educational programs such as Lambas for Lemurs which produces lambas, a traditional garment made from a large square of cloth, incorporating images of lemurs and conservation messages.

To find out more about Planet Madagascar, join us on September 1st!


Earth Rangers Studio in the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity, level 2

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