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In Quest of Paradise: Accommodating Death in Islam

Detail from Tiraz fragment with felicitous inscriptions, Linen; silk; tabby, Egypt 1134-1166 CE, ROM 961.107.3 Michel E. Abemayor Collection

The concept of Paradise figures prominently in the sacred book of Islam, the Koran. Certain rituals developed to ensure that the deceased would achieve this goal. We explore the Muslim attitude toward burial in relation to artifacts associated with burial- the shroud, the grave, and the mausoleum.


Speaker: Lisa Golombek, Royal Ontario Museum

Book sales and signing of Persian Pottery in the First Global Age to follow the lecture.


Presented in Partnership by the Royal Ontario Museum and His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Canada.

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Royal Ontario Museum
Signy and Cléophée Eaton Theatre


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