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Explore the Forbidden City: Forbidden Places

Explore The Forbidden City Lecture Series

How and why does a place become forbidden? Is it a location reserved for the elite? How are restricted spaces and structures marked, and how is access controlled? Explore how human societies create taboos around spaces with ROM curators Chen Shen, Justin Jennings, and Silvia Forni as they journey from China to Cameroon, and as far afield as South America.


Dr. Justin Jennings Cuzco, Royal Capital of the Incas

Dr. Justin Jennings is Curator for New World Archaeology, with a research focus on Peruvian archaeology. His current research centers on early state expansion and the spread of cultural horizons in the Ancient Andes, and he has published on heritage tourism, ritual change, and the ancient uses of alcohol.

Dr. Silvia Forni  The Royal Palaces in the Cameroonian Grasslands

Dr. Silvia Forni is Curator of Anthropology in the ROM’s Department of World Cultures. She is the curator of the African collection, and responsible for the permanent and rotating display of African artworks in the Shreyas and Mina Ajmera Gallery of Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific. She is also Assistant Professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto where she teaches Anthropology of Material Culture, Ethnography of Africa and Anthropology of Art.

Dr. Chen Shen: Moderator

Dr. Chen Shen is the ROM’s Bishop White Chair of East Asian Archaeology, and Vice President of World Cultures. He is responsible for the development of the ROM's Chinese galleries, exhibitions, and collection management. His research focuses on the study of prehistoric stone tools and pottery, Bronze-Age archaeological materials including bone, jade and bronze artifacts, as well as coin and mirror collections. He is currently the curator of the exhibition The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors.

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