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Discovery Corners: Summer Solstice

Discovery Corners: Start May 10, 2014. Themed days to enhance the visitor experience!
Included with Museum Admission. Activities 11 am - 3 pm
Celebrate the first day of summer at the ROM! The Starlab makes its return where inside families will learn about the summer constellations. We'll also make our own sun catchers!
But that's not all!

Family Activities!
Starlab (Canada Court, Level 1)
Join longtime ROM Educator Bethany Kempster on an adventure through the stars, and learn about summer constalations with our Starlab!

  • Shows at 1100, 1230, 130 & 230. Shows are approximately 30 minutes long.
  • Shows are free with admission and require a time ticket that can be picked up in Canada Court on Level 1.
  • Limited tickets per show. Will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Recommended for children aged 5 and older.

The Starlab!

Meet Bethany Kempster: Starlab instructor, educator, pop culture nut

  • Bethany Kempster has worked at the ROM since 2007 as a science teacher in the Learning Department, and as an instructor of both children and adults in the Programs Department. A typical day as a teacher might be teaching kindergarten students about dinosaurs in the morning and quickly switching gears to teach teenagers about physical anthropology in the afternoon. Weekends are equally as diverse with Saturday mornings spent with children elbow deep in plaster of paris and Sunday afternoons spent teaching adults (and still occasionally being elbow deep in plaster of paris). 

Sun Catchers  (Canada Court, Level 1)

Sun catchers! Hang 'em in the window and watch the sun shine through!

For us in Toronto, and the rest of the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice is where the Sun spends the longest amount of time in the sky. Celebrate our friend the Sun by making your own sun catcher out of house hold materials like plates, cellophane and tissue paper, and let the sun shine through today!

Early Learners Lounge (Canada Court, Level 1)Scale model of the solar system!
The Early Learners Lounge is an under 5 family lounge that provides a quiet space for families to rest, nurse, and play!

Scale Model Of The Solar System (Currelly Gallery, Level 1)
Orbiting our brilliant speck of light in the Milky Way are eight planets on a seemingly never ending trip around the Sun. Though we call this solar system our home, the space between planets is immense, making it nothing close to a simple walk to the kitchen. To help illustrate just how far apart the planets are from each other, we've set up a scale model of our solar system that spans across our main floor. Be impressed by the distance between worlds, and learn a few fun celestial facts along the way! 

Learn even more about space!

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Included with Museum Admission. Activities 11 am - 3 pm

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