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Discovery Corners: Mediaeval World & Illuminated Manuscripts

Discovery Corners: Start May 10, 2014. Themed days to enhance the visitor experience!
Families will be able to try their hand at various forms of written communication from the Mediaeval World, including calligraphy, brass rubbings and illuminated manuscripts!
To learn more about the importance of art in the Middle Ages check out our latest blog- Writings In An Illiterate World: The Church And Art Of The Middle Ages!

Included with Museum Admission. Activities 11 am - 3 pm

Stained Glass Window and Illuminated Manuscripts craft project!

Family Activities!

All activities take place in the European Gallery on Level 3 unless otherwise noted.


Stained Glass Windows

Take inspiration from our stain glass windows on display, and, using acetate and coloured markers, create a beautiful picture that lets the Sun shine through.

Illuminated Manuscripts
Books were so important during the Middle Ages, once they were written they would decorate them, sometimes even inlayed with gold. Try your hand and make your own illuminated manuscript!

Brass Rubbings
Brass rubbings are created by laying a sheet of paper on top of a brass template (called a monumental brass) and rubbing the paper with graphite, wax or chalk to create an exact replica. The brass templates were often found in churches and placed on the floor so that anyone who came to the church could make a rubbing as a memento of their visit. Commemorate your own visit to the ROM this Saturday by making your own brass rubbing.

Early Learners Lounge (Classroom 3, Level 1)

The Early Learners Lounge is an under 5 family lounge that provides a quiet space for families to rest, nurse, change diapers and play!

Special Guests!
Meet long time ROM Educator Andrew Watts and his selection of special, rarely seen hands-on artifacts from our Mediaeval education collections. Meet Andrew in the European Gallery on Level 3.

  • Andrew Watts has over 10 years of experience as a professional educator at the ROM (and elsewhere Peel School Board, George Brown College). His formative years spent volunteering and working at the ROM encouraged him to complete his history degree and masters in education. He currently works as a Museum Teacher and Communications Professor where he passionately combines both skills to engage others and critically reflect about museum galleries, artefacts and the world today.

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