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Discovery Corners: Ancient Greece

Example of black figure pottery showing the goddess Athena.

From story telling to politics and art, ancient Greece has an incredibly rich history. Today we'll take a close look at the stories they told through their art, and how they help us today understand a world we're separated from by thousands of years.

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Special Guests!
ROM Curator, Paul Denis.

Meet ROM Curator Paul Denis
From 1 pm to 3 pm
ROM Curator of Greek, Etruscan, Roman & Byzantine sections, Paul Denis will have out a a selection of ancient Greek coins and will also be available to talk about our world cultures galleries, many of which he helped develop.

  • Paul Denis has worked at the ROM in the Greek and Roman section since 1981. Originally interested in Greek sculpture, during the last 20 years he has broadened his scope to include most aspects of Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Byzantine art and culture. Generally, his work focuses on the associated research and preparation of objects for permanent galleries and temporary exhibitions; the acquisition of artifacts for the collections; and fundraising for galleries, exhibitions and acquisitions.
  • Paul was the lead curator responsible for the development of the following permanent galleries: The A.G Leventis Gallery of Ancient Cyprus; Bronze Age Aegean and Geometric Greece Gallery (all 2005); the Eaton Gallery of Rome, the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of the Eastern Roman Empire, and the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of Byzantium (all 2011).

Family Activities!
Make your own black figure artwork!
Make Your Own Black Figure Pottery Creation

One of the most common finds of archaeologists who study the ancient Greek world is pottery, These parts held many different materials while used, They are especially important to us because of the stories that are told on the outside of the vessels. Learn about the black figure method of pottery and create your own story in this style

Early Learners Lounge (Classroom 3, Level 1)
The Early Learners Lounge is an under 5 family lounge that provides a quiet space for families to rest, nurse, change diapers and play. This week we will also be show casing select episodes of Dino Dan!

On Special Display!
This exquisite ivory and gold figurine (museum registration number 931.21.1) has been an icon of the ROM collection since she was acquired in 1931, but she has also attracted huge controversy.
'Minoan' Ivory Goddess (Eaton Gallery of Rome, Level 3)
Before the Ancient Greeks we know and love there lived another fascinating culture- the Minoan civilization of Bronze Age Crete. Just in time for Ancient Greece day, our 'Minoan' Ivory Goddess is now on special display. Learn about the fabulous, and controversial history of this piece through a new interactive display.

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Included with Museum Admission. Activities 11 am - 3 pm

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