Adult Programs

Curators' Corner: Cool Fish and Evolution

A striped and colourful fish from Guyana,  Essequibo abalios

Do you know what an Ichthyologist does? Want to?

In honour of Darwin's Birthday we're focusing on one of the ROM's Modern Darwins, Curator of Ichthyology Dr. Hernán López-Fernández.

Hernán routinely ventures into the tropics to study fish (cichlids specifically). Aside from finding species that have never been described, he uses these fish to learn more about their evolutionary origins and their amazing diversity of shapes and colour.

Ichtyologists catching fish in a stream in the tropcs

Aside from having the unique opportunity to see some of these newly-described, weird and wonderful fish, there will be lots of activities to help you understand what it means to be an Ichthyologist.