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Celebrating Evolution in the 21st Century

Dirk “Baba” Brinkman

Join us for an engaging evening, celebrating biological evolution with our special guests. Long time Executive Director of the American National Centre for Science Education and an accomplished author, Dr. “Genie” Scott will be sharing her thoughts on what Charles Darwin himself might make of today’s creationist movements, more than 150 years after the publishing of his paradigm changing book On the Origin of Species. Afterwards, peer-reviewed rap artist Baba Brinkman will impress with his musical stylings, as he performs some of his internationally renowned rap about evolution.


Dr. Eugenie Scott, an American physical anthropologist, is the Executive Director & Founder of the National Centre for Science Education and a leading critic of the young Earth creationism and intelligent design movements.


Dirk “Baba” Brinkman is Canadian rap artist, writer, actor & tree planter, who styles himself as the first peer-reviewed rap artist. His Rap Guide to Evolution won the prestigious Scotsman Fringe First Award in Edinburgh in 2009 and has toured internationally, including an extended off-Broadway run.



Presented in partnership with the University of Toronto, with support from Humanist Canada.


Royal Ontario Museum
Bronfman Hall, Level 2

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