Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery

Level 1, Centre Block

The majestic Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery, built during the Museum’s 1933 expansion, connects the 1914 Philosophers’ Walk Wing to the 1933 Hilary and Galen Weston Wing on Queen’s Park. Many upgrades and modifications have enhanced the gallery’s role as the visitor’s orientation space to the Museum and our collections. The most significant change in the gallery is the seating area, modelled after an elegant 1930s grand hotel lobby. The stylish new furnishings courtesy of Nienkämper Furniture on handwoven carpets by W Studio are durable and classic, yet contemporary, allowing for a comfortable place to meet friends or family, begin your Museum visit, or relax during or after your visit.

Objects sampling the breadth of the ROM’s collections, including some of the Museum’s most popular subjects, such as dinosaurs, are featured around the gallery’s perimeter. Four murals by Sylvia Hahn are located on the east and west walls; two of these have recently been uncovered.

An interactive digital exhibition entitled ROM Museum Builders. Comprising two 4.3-metre (14-foot) glass surfaces, the wall explores the history of philanthropy at the ROM and the important role and impact that volunteers and philanthropists have had on its development.

The northern archways of the Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery open into the Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court in the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. These spaces, including the Rotunda, dedicated in honour of Ernest and Elizabeth Samuel, can be used as venues for large gatherings and social events.