Exhibition Spaces

Thorsell Spirit House

This 740 sq-metre (8,000 sq.-ft) void at the heart of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal incorporates sound and silence, creating a personal Museum experience for each visitor.

Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery

This majestic open space serves as a place of orientation to the Museum and our collections. Seating areas provide a comfortable way in which to meet friends or relax during your visit. Iconic objects are featured around the gallery’s perimeter.

Roloff Beny Gallery

Perched dramatically at the top of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, this large, flexible multimedia gallery hosts exhibitions presented by the Museum's Institute for Contemporary Culture.

Liza's Garden

A dramatic view from c5, this lush rooftop garden enhances the Royal Ontario Museum’s sustainability.

J.F. Driscoll Family Stair of Wonders

Discover some of the Museum's unusual and unique collections as you climb the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal's new staircase. From hundreds of tin soldiers to exotic insect specimens, these objects reveal the breadth of the ROM's collections.

Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court

Connecting the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal and the heritage building, the graceful four-story space welcomes visitors as they enter the Museum.

Herman Herzog Levy Gallery

The gallery is the main venue for changing exhibitions on East Asia, showcasing the broad scope and diversity of the ROM's collection of Chinese, Japanese and Korean artifacts.

Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall

Canada’s largest gallery for temporary exhibitions, this new state-of-the-art facility will host major exhibitions from around the world.