ROM Senior Administration

ROM Senior Administration oversee all aspects of Museum work, from collections management to finances to visitor services. They ensure that the ROM is managed according to the Museum's mission and objectives, Board policy and the accepted standards of the larger museum community.

  • Josh BassechesJosh Basseches
    Director & CEO
  • Portrait not available.Nick Bobrow
    Deputy Director Operations, Chief Financial Officer and Board Secretary
  • Jennifer CzajkowskiJennifer Czajkowski
    Deputy Director, Engagement
  • Mark EngstromMark Engstrom
    Deputy Director, Collections & Research
  • Portrait of Sandy Bourne.Sandy Bourne
    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Brian McCradyBrian McCrady,
    Chief Facilities Officer, Capital Development & Facilities
  • Shyam OberoiShyam Oberoi
    Chief Digital Officer
  • Portrait of Dan SibleyDan Sibley
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Not AvailableDoug Currie
    Vice President, Natural History
  • Not AvailableLory Drusian
    Vice President, Exhibition Development & Project Management
  • Not AvailableConnie MacDonald
    Vice President, Programs, Events & Commercial Services
  • Chen ShenChen Shen
    Vice President, World Cultures
  • Portrait of Dan SibleyDave Tymchuk
    Vice President Finance

ROM Governors Senior Administration

  • Susan HorvathSusan Horvath
    President & CEO
  • Portrait of Marilyn BrownMarilyn Brown
    Vice President, Philanthropy
  • Portrait of Kirsten KamperKirsten Kamper
    Vice President, Operations & Campaign
  • Portrait of Judith JohnJudith John
    Vice President, Engagement & Marketing